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May 3, 2014

Yes, yes...we've been hearing the questions from our friends and associates who are asking about the progress of this film.

Since our last posting, this particular project has officially been split into two! (Trust me, this is a good thing...but a more time-consuming one as well.)

One reason is that we realized that there are two different key audiences that we want to reach with this film, and it was becoming evident that one film was not going to effectively accomplish both tasks--at least not as well as they would be able to individually.

The "breakway" project, if we can call it that, is called A Home for Hagar. It even has a fledgling website!

The principle audience for A Home for Hagar are ministry-minded Christians with whom we want to share the plight of many people in Mormon Fundamentalism who want to escape--but have no place to go. Part of the mission of A Shield and Refuge Ministry is to coordinate a safe landing for those seeking to escape, but the needs are growing faster than our ability to fill them is, which is why our end goal is to acquire or construct a safehouse facility where all the services required by escaping polygamists can be found, all under one roof--the basic needs of food, shelter, and safety, as well as the more intangible needs--counseling, spiritual guidance, life skills, work skills--that are in many ways unique to those leaving polygamy.

The other "half" of the project, which retains the name The God Who Sees Me will be a related project, but created with a Fundamentalist audience in mind. It's less about educating people on the difficulties of polygamy, and more about pointing polygamists to the amazing truth that God doesn't require polygamy--or any other work--to be saved. He requires only that we embrace His free offer of grace. This is very good news to all people, especially to those who are in bondage to a works-based religious system--particularly when those "works" are so burdensome and devastating.

So...we continue to seek your prayers and your patience. This is a "long haul" project that is ever before us.

June 11, 2013

Are you paying attention? If so, you'll realize that it's been nearly a year since our last update. This is not to say that things are not moving; this is only to say that the frazzled filmmaker is slow to post updates!

But truth be told, things have been moving more slowly than we would like. The past few months have seen a steady increase in the administrative workload of our lone filmmaker with the media outreach ministry of Main Street Church, and so the time dedicated to the longer-term projects has become more constricted. But fear not, we have not forgotten!

One opportunity has arisen in conjunction with this project that has diverted some of our attention. The dream of providing a safe house to be a place of refuge, restoration, and release from bondage has long been in our hearts, minds, and especially our prayers. God has not allowed this vision, this dream, to perish, and is in fact beginning to light more fires under it.

Many of the people, particularly the women and their children, who leave polygamy groups are destitute in every sense of the word. They have no resources. In many cases, they do not possess even the education and life skills needed to survive in the outside world. The only way that these women and children have any chance at a fruitful, well-adjusted life outside their group is through the compassionate help of those "on the outside" who will sacrificially reach into these troubled worlds to rescue them.

And it's not just about providing a safe place to lay their head, and food on the table, and life-skills equipping, though that's certainly a big part of it. We recognize that the only true freedom from bondage, for these women and children--and really, for any of us--is a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ.

So this "The God Who Sees Me" project is evolving into two projects; first is the documentary that we've been working on, which are stories of grace, hope and freedom from the hidden corners of Mormon Fundamentalism.

Second is a shorter, simpler documentary which will incorporate some of the elements of the first, but will be targeted at raising awareness for the need for a safehouse, and an appeal for people to pray about their involvement in becoming a part of new stories grace, hope, and freedom for those who are still trapped in Mormon Fundamentalism.

Oh, and check out our new little teaser, which we've just posted.

So when do we hope to complete this project? Well, we make no promises, but we are still aiming for the end of this calendar year. Do continue to pray for us! It's a daunting task, but an ongoing labor of love.

June 28, 2012

As you can see, the new website dedicated to the film, The God Who Sees Me, is now up and running! To date we have interviewed five people for this film, and several others are scheduled. All the interviews gathered thus far can be watched, uncut...just click here to jump to the interviews page.

If you've followed the production of any of our other films, you'll understand that production moves at a steady snail's pace, especially for a small ministry such as ours, with its very limited resources. Although even as I write that, I have to acknowledge that at no time have we ever lacked the resources to accomplish what God sets before us to do. So I take that back.

But we encourage you to keep checking with us, and please feel free to share these video interviews and clips with others. We want nothing more than to spread the word about God's amazing grace!

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