Hagar was a slave woman caught in an impossible situation...forced into polygamy...pregnant... rejected and mistreated by those who should have protected her. In her desperation, she ran away. But God saw her plight and heard her sobbing. He loved her, and saw to her needs. Amazed by His compassion, Hagar said to Him, “You are the Living God who sees me!” (Genesis 16:13).

Today, many modern-day “Hagars” continue to suffer the anguish of abuse and abandonment in the hidden and forgotten corners of Mormon Fundamentalism.

But they are neither hidden from, nor forgotten by God. He is the God who sees the broken-hearted women, the forgotten children, and the captive men. He sees, he loves, and he comes to bind up the broken-hearted and set the captives free.

The God Who Sees Me will share the compelling stories of women and men from polygamous Mormon Fundamentalist traditions who have had life-changing encounters with the living Jesus Christ, and who have found peace, hope, joy and rest in an authentic relationship with Him.

The stories come out of Mormon Fundamentalism, but the message is for everyone--that eternal life is given freely to all who call upon Him.

In partnership with our sister ministry, A Shield and Refuge Ministry (a Christ-centered outreach to those seeking freedom from Mormon Fundamentalism and polygamy), Sacred Groves is working to complete this project in 2013. To follow the progress of this film's production, please check out our page for production notes & updates.

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